5 Amazing Interior Door Designs

Custom Interior DoorWhen the time comes to replace your interior doors in your home it pays to start with the old saying “Know thyself.” Adding your own unique design is possible with these distinct door ideas.

We have all experienced the role of a traditional interior door which typically come in solid or hollow-core (six panels on three swinging hinges.) These standard doors are a familiar site in classic and modern homes. There are many other unique door designs to choose from however. Have you checked out these 5 awesome interior design choices (for personalized recommendations, reach out to knrslidingdoorsculvercity.com)? Here they are:

  • Sliding Barn Doors

Who knew that repurposed farm pieces would become so very popular! Barn doors in the modern home are known for their aesthetic and historical value. Many a host of companies now design interior-specific barn doors using modern materials.

Typically, these doors are made of solid wood that can be painted or stained to your liking, and, instead of relying on hinges, use door rollers just like a real barn door. By mounting a metal track above the door and using the proper roller hardware, the door is nearly silent when closing it and doesn’t take up extra space when opened — there’s no need to account for the door swing. Barn doors are a great choice for bathrooms, pantries or to divide larger rooms.

  • Frameless Glass Entry Doors

At the front of several large office towers you’ll often see frameless glass doors. Being the adaptable marvel that they are, these same frameless glass entry doors are now being adapted for interior home use as well. Typically, these doors will use a single sheet of glass, high-grade safety glass, and as the name suggests do not require a frame. Frameless glass entry doors hang from the wall opening on metal hinges.

Clear frameless doors can do wonders between rooms for sound dampening, or frosted for privacy if used for a bathroom. That is a useful home interior design tip, another being you can also use mounted handles on either or both sides, or leave the doors naked choosing to let them swing open in one or both directions when pushed. Etched and colored glass are often used to intensify the visual impact.

  • Frosted Glass Panel Doors

Frameless doors are a far cry from frosted glass panel doors which combine the benefits of wood and glass. Set firmly in wood of any color or type, these doors give you a great variety of panel sizes and styles.

Common options include:

  1. full glass panel styled with a wide wooden frame,
  2. four glass panels squared off in equal size,
  3. two small top and bottom panels sandwiched betwixt a large middle panel, or a replica of a style more like a traditional six-panel door, including some or all the wooden panels switched out for glass.
  4. Doors like these can offer your home a sense of lightness and flow, while still providing total privacy if you decide on hanging them for a bathroom or bedroom.

·        Arched Doorways or Rounded-Top Doors

If you want to add a level of sophistication to your space, then arched or rounded-top interior doors offer more than almost any other. Regardless of whether it’s a single or double door adding such an arch or rounded-top adds a sense of weight and purpose. In fact, these doors are often made of thick, dark wood which only heightens the dramatic effect.

Glass-paneled, lighter wood arched doors are always an option, but can also be customized with a thick frame or feature lighting. It does good to remember, however, that installing an arched or rounded-top door requires additional modifications to be made to standard door openings, nut avoid installation without the help of a professional contractor or door installer.

·        Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, are unique also because they are divided horizontally in two equal parts and mounted in such a way that each part can open separately (also called stable doors or half doors.) When they were first fashioned they kept animals out of farmhouses or children safe inside. These doors once again are finding their way into modern homes as functional showpieces.

In most cases, the upper half of a Dutch door features clear or frosted glass panels in addition to the door handle. The door can swing open (when unlatched from the bottom portion,) allowing for sun or breeze inside. Once latched it functions as a normal standard door and can be made as secure as any interior door. The outside edge of a home is most often where you will find, these doors, but they are also useful between kitchen, dining rooms, home offices and the rest of the house.

Reference: http://knrslidingdoors.com

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