Gaming, Grinding & Learning New Skills

No, this not an article on THAT kind of grinding – instead, we want to talk a little bit about the medical kind of grinding. It is becoming more and more apparent that people that love to game will often come under a certain amount of stress as they play. That is only natural after all, especially when there is a different part of the game. However, what many gamers do not realise is that during these complicated parts of the game, they could very well be unintentionally and totally unconsciously grinding their teeth. Many people will do it when they are asleep and having nightmares, and those that work in high pressure jobs often do it completely unknowingly. However, more and more gamers are grinding their teeth, and over time this can actually cause a huge amount of damage on their teeth. Some people will actually even lose teeth because they have been unwittingly grinding on them for so long.

Only a holistic dentist would be able to put this together, as they are much more interested in viewing their patients as entire individuals, rather than just staring into their mouths for minutes on end! They will be able to figure out that gamers who grind need to find different ways in which to temper their concentration. Over time, absolutely anyone can change their habits, but it does take twenty one days to do so. That means that if you have noticed that when you game, you grind your teeth a little bit, then you need to take active steps in order to prevent yourself from doing it. After a couple of weeks, you will stop doing it automatically. Your teeth will be much healthier for it, and you can use all of that extra brain power in order to concentrate on your gaming.

Gaming really means that you are going to have to do an awful lot with your brain. You will be learning new things and having to take in a huge amount of information quickly. Your hand to eye coordination will improve, as will your motor skills. A gamer’s memory is absolutely extraordinary and will continue to get better and better over time. The ability to adapt and the capacity to anticipate will also become much better than someone who is not a seasoned gamer – and these are just some of the changes and experiences that a gamer will have.

Many people in high level jobs are gamers, and they have learned their bartering skills or their ability to do three things at once through playing games. Many professions such as homeopathic dentists or school teachers have learned to bring two completely different ideas together and present them to an audience. Anyone who deals with numbers could have learned those skills through a game, and they would not even have realised it.

You probably haven’t realised all of the amazing benefits you have been receiving as you have been gaming, but just because you have them now doesn’t mean that you should stop gaming! Who knows what you will learn and discover next?



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