The luxury of clean teeth

dental patient flossing teethWhen we think about luxuries nowadays, there are many things that we can consider: large and beautiful homes, a multitude of cars and people to drive them for us, champagne and all of the food that we can eat, as well as the very best clothes that we can wear before anyone else. But if you had asked your grandparents what a luxury was, the chances are that they would have a completely different answer. In fact, the things that they would talk about may completely surprise you. That is because until after the First World War, very few people would every buy anything that we would consider to be toothpaste.

The luxury of clean and healthy teeth is something that we should definitely not be taking lightly. Some of the very first luxury toothpaste that was ever made on a large scale was created by Ziryab, a Persian musician and fashion designer that lived in the 800s. The Arabs in the ninth century had this recipe for toothpaste that was closely guarded, and because of that no actual description of what was in it has been discovered. However, many people have tried to guess, and many believe that it would be very similar to the toothpaste that was being used in England and the United States of America in the 1700s. There were two main types of toothpaste at this time; one made mainly of chalk, and one made mainly of charcoal.

Thankfully we no longer have to brush our teeth with charcoal or chalk, but we can simply walk into our bathrooms and reach out – and there is toothpaste. We should try to make sure that we value the luxury of clean and healthy teeth each day that we use our toothpaste to keep our teeth clean.


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